Cost-Effective Local Advertising

Digifli offers unbeatable value for local advertising. You purchase impressions on our network of Digital Kiosks at a fraction of a cent and select exactly where and how often your ads appear.

New locations are added every week. We currently cover Oakland and Alameda, California.

Digifli in Flax Art Supply Oakland California
Digifli in Flax Art Supplies Oakland, California.

Compare the audience exposure with other popular forms of advertising and Digifli stands out as delivering more exposure for your ad dollar than any other medium. Digifli units act as miniature LED billboards. Instead of showing your message to rush hour traffic, you can pick the exact locations (and exact audience) at a fraction of the price of traditional outdoor advertising.

Digifli at Creative Framing Oakland
Digifli at Creative Framing Oakland California

See how easy it is to post an ad on Digifli. You can see examples of actual Digifli ads here.

Digifli California Canoe and Kayak Brooklyn Basin
Digifli Elite model 43″ free-standing kiosk. California Canoe and Kayak Brooklyn – Basin, Oakland, California.