Hyper Local Targeting

Digifli allows you to select the exact neighborhood, streets, and even specific businesses to show your ad. This ensures you will get your message in front of your intended audience.

No other platform comes close.

Each location has a Digifli Kiosk that tracks each impression. Each kiosk runs only during the hours it can be seen, so you aren’t wasting impressions in the middle of the night.

The Digifli Elite screen (Freestanding 43″ Kiosk) is used at specific hi-traffic locations such as California Canoe and Kayak in Brooklyn Basin.
Our Digifli boards are located in popular locations such as 1400 Bar and Grill and they may be inside for patrons or in a window for busy shopping districts.

Check out the current list of Digifli locations. The ability to select this level of ad delivery is known as hyper-local marketing.

40″ Digifli Wall Mounted at Alameda Natural Grocery
Digifli Logo